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About Winmarc Vacation Adventures

Mission Statement

Winmarc Vacation Adventures (WVA) is an adventure travel company that personalizes and arranges outdoor/vacation leisure and adventure experiences for individuals and groups.
Our goal is to provide memorable travel experiences with an unwavering commitment to quality.

What is Winmarc?

Winmarc Group is a service company. One key element of the Winmarc Group is the vacation adventures company established by Winston Walker is to offer his very personalized way of presenting tours.

Why Travel With Winmarc?

Experience the best in travel adventure services with Winmarc Vacation Adventures. Winmarc Vacation Adventures events are organized by passionate travel consultants with a primary emphasis on hospitality. At Winmarc Vacation Adventures, we not only will meet your travel expectations but exceed them with our outstanding customer service. On a Winmarc Vacation Adventure, you will feel welcomed, made comfortable and taken care of. Come experience a Winmarc Vacation Adventures trip and take away lasting memories..

Tour Guide Bios

Owner, Winston Walker, believes in personally hosting many of the tours. It’s the hands on approach that has endeared many people to his way of leading people on their journeys. On the tours, Winston has a way of finding the interesting and sometimes unusual treats/sights and making the guest feel part of the local culture and customs of the vacation journey. By the time the vacation ends, as one looks back at the vacation adventure experience, there is a sense of fulfillment. At that point, many are looking forward the to the next Winmarc Vacation Adventure lead by our host Winston Walker. After 10 years of leading outdoor groups in a volunteer capacity, Winston is bringing his expertise to Winmarc Vacation Adventures.