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A vacation is a journey of your dreams. No matter which journey is chosen, a Winmarc vacation creates a framework for unforgettable memories.


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Gaspésian Discovery Tour
The 2008 Gaspésian Discovery Tour
In 2008, Winmarc Vacation Adventures sponsored the the Gaspesian Discovery Tour. What follows is a brief description of the 2008 tour.
"Come to Quebec Canada’s Gaspésie Peninsula. “People are just waking up to the extraordinary beauty of Gaspé mountains and sea,” notes Gordon Brinley in her 1935 budget travel guide. Come to the peninsula and experience one of the most spectacular coastlines in eastern North America where the ancient Appalachian mountain chain reaches the end of the continent and plunges into the sea. It’s understandable why the first Europeans called it 'Gespeg' meaning 'the place where the land ends.' The land of Gespeg is divided into five regions: The Coast, Upper Gaspe, Land's End, Bay of Chaleur et The Valley. Experience firsthand the unique differences of all four regions through The Gaspésian Discovery Tour." View Tour